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In accordance with the regulations applicable to collective investment undertakings, EAM hereby draws attention to the fact that the current performance of a mutual fund is no guarantee of its performance in the future. The value of a fund unit is inherently unstable and may change depending on fluctuations in the value of individual components of the mutual fund assets. The value of unit certificates and the return generated therefrom may both rise and fall. Changes in exchange rates can also have a positive or negative effect on the value of an investment. Past performance figures take into account the fees, commission and taxes associated with management of the fund. They do not include any initial or redemption fees that may be charged in conjunction with the distribution of units. For this reason, you may receive less than you originally invested when you redeem your units. Before making any investments, anyone interested in investing in mutual funds should consult the current fund rules and the applicable key information (Key Investor Information Document or KIID) respectively in the case of Austrian investment funds, the current prospectus and the “Information for Investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG”, especially the risk notice contained therein. Investors must always consider their own financial situation, attitude to risk and investment objective before opting for a specific fund.

The information published on this website is intended as supplementary information for investors and is based on the knowledge of the staff responsible for preparing it at the time of publication. Our analyses and conclusions are of a general nature and do not take into account the individual needs of our investors regarding their returns, tax situation or risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of a fund.

All information contained herein is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the fund rules, the prospectus or the “Information for Investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG” or to provide a complete synopsis thereof.

Information and similar material relating to the units of open-end mutual funds listed on this website is published by EAM. The individuals involved in the production of such material do not benefit financially from these investment instruments.

The following applies to mutual funds domiciled in the Czech Republic:

Mutual funds are deemed to have been set up on the date they are entered on the Czech National Bank’s list of such funds.

The documents underlying the mutual funds being offered are the fund rules. In accordance with Decree no. 246/2013 Coll. on the fund rules of collective investment funds, this sets out the fund’s investment strategy, the risks associated with investing in the fund, its management principles, the schedule of fees and how proceeds are handled.

Customers of collective investment funds (UCITS and alternative funds) may consult a document summarising the basic characteristics of the collective investment fund. Investors require this Key Investor Information Document (KIID) in order to make a detailed assessment of the nature of and risks involved in investments. This document is prepared in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 583/2010 for UCITS funds and in accordance with Decree no. 242/2013 Coll. for alternative funds.

The fund rules of investment funds and the KIIDs are available in electronic form on the websites http://www.erste-am.cz and www.investicnicentrum.cz and in hardcopy form from the registered office of EAM’s branch in the Czech Republic and from the offices of České spořitelna, a.s.

As management company and fund administrator, EAM serves as the issuer of units in the open-end mutual funds and provides the input required to prepare information material.

The methods and principles used to evaluate financial instruments are governed by Decree no. 244/2013 Coll. and by the Czech Act on Investment Companies and Investment Funds for a more detailed regulation of certain provisions.

Investment funds set up, managed and administered in the Czech Republic are regulated by the Czech National Bank.

České spořitelna, a.s. is a distributor of units in open-end mutual funds and serves as custodian for these funds.

The following applies to mutual funds domiciled in Austria:

The mutual funds are managed by Erste Asset Management GmbH or ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. or RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. The relevant investment company is responsible for providing information. The methods and principles used to evaluate financial instruments are governed by the Austrian Investment Fund Act 2011 (“InvFG 2011”).

The Austrian bank Erste Group Bank AG serves as custodian.

 Česká spořitelna, a.s. distributes these mutual funds in the Czech Republic.

Erste Asset Management GmbH, ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H., RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. and Česká spořitelna, a.s. are group companies of the Erste Bank Group.

The prospectus for UCITS (as amended) has been prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the InvFG 2011 as amended and published in the Austrian newspaper “Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung”. The “Information for Investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG” has been devised for alternative investment funds in accordance with the Austrian Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (“AIFMG”) in conjunction with the InvFG 2011.

The prospectus, the “Information for Investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG” and the KIID as amended may be downloaded from the website www.erste-am.cz and interested parties may obtain free copies from the registered office of several management companies, most notably the custodian. The website www.erste-am.cz also provides information on the exact date of the most recent publication of the prospectus, the languages in which the KIID is available and any additional locations where the documents can be obtained.

The prospectus and the “Information for Investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG” contain information on the restrictions on the sale of fund units to US citizens.

EAM analyses investment fund performance using the so-called OeKB method, i.e. excluding initial and redemption fees. An investment fund’s performance is given as a percentage with dividends reinvested.