How to buy funds

If you are interested in investing in one of the funds of Erste Asset Management, the advisor at your bank branch is your best port-of-call.

Your way to buying the shares of a fund:

  1. You go to your bank, get advice, and take the decision to buy a fund. A special account (so-called securities deposit) is opened to book the fund shares.
  2. Your bank orders the according fund shares on your behalf. The order is given to the depositary bank and is forwarded from there to the asset management company (i.e. the investment or company).
  3. The investment company issues new fund shares and transfers them via the depositary bank to your main bank. The shares are credited to your securities deposit, and your bank account is charged with the according amount.

Erste Asset Management does not offer client deposits or accounts. For transactions of and consulting on our funds please turn to your bank.

For more information on our s Fonds and to learn about possible risks, please visit our fund glossary.