If you are interested in investing in one of the funds of Erste Asset Management, the advisor at your bank branch is your best port-of-call.

Your way to buying the shares of a fund:

  1. You go to your bank, get advice, and take the decision to buy a fund. A special account (so-called securities deposit) is opened to book the fund shares.
  2. Your bank orders the according fund shares on your behalf. The order is given to the depositary bank and is forwarded from there to the asset management company (i.e. the investment or company).
  3. The investment company issues new fund shares and transfers them via the depositary bank to your main bank. The shares are credited to your securities deposit, and your bank account is charged with the according amount.

Erste Asset Management does not offer client deposits or accounts. For transactions of and consulting on our funds please turn to your bank.

For more information on our s Fonds and to learn about possible risks, please visit our fund glossary.


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This material is an advertisement and serves only to provide additional information about the mutual funds managed by Erste Asset Management GmbH ("Erste AM").

Basic documents about the mutual funds are Fund rules ("Statut") and the Key Investor Information. Statutes of the Funds are submitted to the Czech National Bank in accordance with Czech law and their current versions are available at the registered office of Erste AM or on the website www.erste-am.cz.

The analyses and conclusions published in this material are of a general nature and do not take into account the personal needs of individual investors in terms of income, financial situation or risk tolerance. They are in no way investment recommendations. Any use of this information should therefore be preceded by consultation with a professional investment adviser to ensure that the planned investment is in line with the investor's needs and priorities and to inform the investor of the potential risks of the particular investment.

Where any return is mentioned in the information material, it should always be based on the principle that past returns are no guarantee of future returns. Any investment involves the risk of volatility in value and changes in exchange rates and the return on the original investment and the amount of any profit is in no way guaranteed. Past performance figures include the effect of fees, commissions and taxes associated with the management of the Fund. Only entry and exit fees related to the distribution of units, if any, are not included.

Erste AM and the managed investment funds registered in the Czech Republic are subject to the supervision of the Czech National Bank.