Private banking and special products

You are looking for an investment that is suitable for the long-term building of wealth? Asset management for individual investors, managing and administering standard and alternative investment funds is the ideal solution for you.



Simple, transparent, flexible: this is our innovative investment concept. Your personal needs come first – our experts will sort out the details.


Our investment solutions allow you to participate in the fund of your choice step by step. Regularly, for example once a month, you invest a fixed amount which automatically buys you investment fund shares at the respective issue price.

Erste Private Banking

s Fonds Plan

Top private banking.

It's nice when it's good for money. Even nicer, even people.


Perhaps you want to focus on the economically strong region of Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH). Solid and renowned companies both in the equity and the bond segment guarantee stability even in uncertain market phases.

Erste Premier


Imagine that your requirements for discrete services, personal care and high professional banking can be met in one place. 

We have created for you the services that are on the highest level as far as professionalism and quality is concerned. These services guarantee that you will always get something extra, that they will suit your high requirements and help you to fulfill your dreams and wishes. Be convinced that the world of superior Premier Banking is designed just for you.


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