Career paths

We believe that what makes your job meaningful is not only what we invest in it, but also what you invest in it. The more initiative you take, the more you take your own decisions and steer your own career, the more you will benefit from your actions.

This is important for us, because here is another thing we believe in:

What you do will ultimately turn into who you are.


Therefore, you have a range of different options to launch your career with Erste Asset Management. Here are a few typical scenarios of what we may be able to expect from each other:

Summer internship

Duration: 2-3 months in summer (July – September)

Our summer internship is aimed at motivated students who want to gain their first professional experience at Austria’s leading asset manager. Within the framework of the programme you will not only get to know the daily routine on the job, you will assume responsibility and get the chance to network. Even the management board and mid-level management will be happy to take the time and talk about their personal career path with the summer interns during a fireside chat.   

A summer internship can be organised during the months of July, August, and September for at least two, preferably three months with any of the departments of Erste Asset Management according to requirements. We are looking forward to your support!

Mandatory internship

You are looking to do a six-month mandatory internship or want to gain professional experience during or after your degree and start your career this way? Apply for a six-month internship with us, and get an in-depth understanding of asset management. You will find our currently open internship positions among our vacancies.


You want to launch your career at Erste Asset Management? You want to develop, be supported and challenged?

We are always on the lookout for extraordinary young talents with pertinent education, relevant internships, or some initial work experience who want to bring commitment, a new approach and new ideas to our team.

Work experience: 0–2 years


You already have experience in the financial industry and are looking for new challenges at Erste Asset Management?

As specialist with Erste AM, you put your years of experience to good use, because expertise is in high demand in our company. Play an active part in our organisation, contribute to the shaping of processes, and assume responsibility – whether for your own product or in projects. We are happy to present you with new challenges.

Work experience: at least 3 years

Management position

Would you like to shape the future of Erste Asset Management in a management position?

We expect a high degree of entrepreneurial spirit, client focus, the ability to think outside the box, and strong communicative skills from our management team. Be a role model and coach for your team and contribute to the strategic development of Erste Asset Management.

Work experience: at least 7 years

Management experience: at least 2 years

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