Investment process

Erste Asset Management manages assets of around EUR 70.68bn, invested in a total of more than 386 funds as well as portfolios. Of these, 41.46 percent are private investors and 58.54 percent are institutional investors August 2022.

All investment processes are based on the following principles:

The different asset classes, like equities, bonds, commodities, etc. require different methods and models of assessment. The main approaches at Erste Asset Management are:

Here you can download the list of countries where the target funds for the fund of funds may have their headquarters:

Best Execution

Best Execution means “best possible implementation” and refers to the quality standards that apply to Erste Asset Management in the investment process.

We have our own Trading Desk, which is located in the Investment Department. In addition, transactions are carried out directly by our Erste AM fund managers. Only Erste Asset Management-chosen and Erste Group-approved traders may conduct transactions.

Erste Asset Management is based on “Best Execution” requirements of the EU Directive on Markets for Financial Instruments (MiFID).

Custodian and depositary for investment funds managed by Erste Asset Management GmbH is Erste Group Bank AG , Am Belvedere 1, A-1100 Vienna.
The custodian or depositary uses sub-custodians. The list of sub-custodians can be found here:

Conflicts of Interest

Erste Asset Management GmbH is an Austrian investment company with a licence both to manage investment funds according to the Investmentfondsgesetz (investment fund act) and to provide investment consulting and individual portfolio management services (extended licence). Erste Asset Management GmbH and its Austrian subsidiaries (an Austrian investment company licensed to manage investment funds under the investment fund act in each case), collectively referred to as "Erste AM", shall be obliged to act in the best interest of their investment funds and their customers (shareholders). For Erste AM, the issue of "conflicts of interest" is of great importance.

Remuneration policy

Erste Asset Management GmbH established compensation principles in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest and ensure compliance with the rules of conduct in the remuneration of relevant persons. The details of the current remuneration policy can be found here:

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